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The Butcher

Small-scale British farmers produce world-class meat. Sadly, supermarkets and butchers rarely see it. Because we prepare dishes for reputable culinary establishments we go direct to farms where animal welfare is a priority. Then direct to you.

At Forman & Field, we provide a variety of gourmet meat to suit all tastes. From chicken to beef and lamb, we go direct to farms where animal welfare is a priority to ensure that you only receive the highest-quality meat delivery.

If you’re looking to entertain a large number of guests but don’t want the stress of preparing a meal, our three bird roast is the perfect choice. We have options for up to 20 guests and ensure we only source the freshest meats that have been carefully prepared by our specialist chefs.

We pride ourselves on supplying the very best gourmet meat that is packaged by hand and delivered with outstanding customer service.