How to track your order

We know what it’s like.  You’ve booked a delivery but you’ve had no notification to say it’s going to be delivered on the day you requested.  Sometimes you just want to clarify that’s it’s still scheduled and for this there is a way you can track the parcel yourself.

UK Mail, our chosen supplier, have a nifty system that you can use to track your parcel – so you can take things in to your own hands and ensure total peace of mind.

In order to track your parcel firstly head over to then click on “Manage my delivery” then click on “Customer reference”.


You need our 6 digit reference number to hand (157…) – please check the most recent order confirmation to obtain this.  It will be located on the top right hand side of the order confirmation. Please note this is *not* the order confirmation you receive when you make a web order.  It will look something like this:

Click on “Find your parcel” – et voila!  You can see that package is out for delivery, now all you need to do is sit back and wait for it.