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Cheese Boxes & Gifts

Artisan cheese makes a thoughtful gift. It's grown-up, tasty and needs to be eaten fairly quickly, so you won't have to wait too long for the well-deserved gratitude.

If you can’t decide what cheese to buy for your dinner party or date night, our cheese selection is the perfect choice. Packed full of a multitude of cheeses, from hard cheese to soft cheese to everything in between! Our artisan cheese selection boxes even feature a beautiful reusable box, making them ideal gifts for the cheese lover in your life (or as a gift to yourself!).

Want to make date night even more special? Our cheese & chutney box for two features two British cheeses alongside our homemade chutney so you can impress your date with a delicious cheese selection without the hassle! If you’re looking for a delectable artisan cheese selection, look no further than our indulgent range.