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The Delicatessen

When you're peckish, where do you head? To the deli of course. Ours is packed with homemade scotch eggs, perfect pork pies and loads of veggie options. Bliss.

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Our selection of gourmet soups are the ideal choice for a luxurious dinner party and are sure to impress your guests. Made with the finest and freshest ingredients, these fine dining soups are a perfect appetiser for any meal.

Looking for a delectable canapé that’s so easy to serve? Our Lobster Bisque features lobster shells that are roasted off to intensify the flavour then flambéed in cognac to add a gentle kick. Alternatively, our Gazpacho is made with the best of British heritage tomatoes as well as a few ciabatta crumbs for body. The result is a cool, refreshing soup that makes a delicious starter or light meal.