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London Cure Smoked Salmon Hand-Sliced Packs

We've been creating the London Cure since 1905.  Made with Grade One Scottish Salmon, the cure is light in taste letting the wonderful taste of salmon shine through.  It's quite honestly the best in the world, even if we do say so ourselves! Read more

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Farmed Scottish Salmon (FISH)
Rock Salt
Oak Smoke

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Cooking instructions

Ready to serve, but tastes delicious with warm, scrambled eggs and a slice of brown bread.

Additional information

Keep refrigerated. Salmon will last a minimum of 14 days unopened. Product is freezable up to 3 months.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 847kj
Fat 11.2g
Saturates 3.1g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 25.4g
Salt 3g

What’s makes H. Forman & Son’s Smoked Salmon the best smoked salmon in the world?

We’ve been creating the London Cure since 1905.  Made with Grade One Scottish Salmon, the cure is light in taste letting the wonderful taste of salmon shine through.  It is deliberately subtle so you can taste the wondrous, melt-in-the-mouth premium fish. We only use rock salt and oak smoke, nothing else. Perfection. It’s quite honestly the best Smoked Salmon in the world, even if we do say so ourselves!

All of our hand sliced packs are divided into four categories, Classic, Lean, Fatty, or D-Cut.  But what’s the best smoked salmon for me, we hear you ask? Read along, we’ve got all of the answers!

Lean, Fatty, D-Cut or Classic?

Every salmon has both lean and fatty flesh. The further away from the skin, the leaner the meat becomes. We surveyed over 2000 customers to see which cut of meat they preferred and the result was a close 49:51 split. Consider it like you would the cuts of a chicken with breast or leg – there is no right or wrong, it’s simply a matter of preference.  We recently introduced the D-Cut Slices, which we previously only available as from our sides, and these have prove wonderfully popular!  In fact, the D-Cut salmon was one of our top sellers in 2023, a fantastic introduction to the salmon collection.

At Forman and Field, we think it’s important that you get exactly what you are looking for which is why we’re the only smoked salmon producer that offers the option to choose lean, fatty, D-Cut or Classic salmon.   So which one works best for you?


Our lean slices come from the top slices of a side of salmon.  The lean definitely has the strongest flavour profiles, at least as far as the cure goes.  It’s slightly saltier and smokier in flavour, and drier in texture – though all of our salmon is very lightly cured, this is the best smoked salmon for those that always add a little extra salt at the dinner table!


Fatty salmon comes from slices that are closest to the skin.   If you imagine us slicing a side, the top slices of the side will be the lean slices, then the closer we get to the skin the fattier the slices become. The texture is more oily (all of those good oils that make bones strong!) and it tastes a lot more of the salmon itself. 


These slices are a mixture of both lean and fatty.  The shape of the slices are different to the lean, fatty and classic, they’re essentially sliced from the top of the side, down to the skin, instead of left to right like the lean and fatty, which leaves you with a delicious mixed flavour profile of both.  We introduced D-Cut slices in pack form early last year and they’ve been tremendously popular, previously you could only get our D-Cut Slices via a D-Cut side, so we’re very happy with this introduction!


Our Classic packs are the good all rounders, perfect for those that don’t have a preference.  The classic packs could contain lean, or fatty, or more likely a bit of both.  Either way, they’re still full of delicious Smoked Scottish Salmon, with our very own London Cure – the same recipe and methods we’ve been using since 1905.

All of our Smoked Salmon freezes impeccably.  If you’re looking to stock up your freezer, take a look at our Convenience Packs.  These contain 5x 100g of Smoked Salmon, perfect portions for 1-2 people which defrost in a short amount of time.  Enjoy!

Watch a video of a day in the life of our smokery below