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Classic Royal Fillet

Royal Fillet is the ultimate gourmet expression of smoked salmon. See video below for serving suggestions. Read more

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Grade One: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH) Rock Salt Oak Smoke Genuine Wild: Fresh Wild River Tweed Salmon (FISH) Rock Salt Oak Smoke Wild Alaskan King: Fresh Wild Alaskan Salmon (FISH) Rock Salt Oak Smoke Allergens above in bold

Cooking instructions

Ready to eat. Remove from fridge 20 minutes before serving. Slice to your deserved thickness, sashimi style, and serve a few fanned out slices with baby leaves for an elegant starter. You can also sear the whole fillet for 10 seconds on a hot pan, or slice sashimi style and sear each slice on one side for 10 seconds. Get creative with this fabulous cut, by using in canapes on blinis, or try wrapping in pastry for a delicate Salmon en Croute.

Additional information

Min. 14 days, unopened. Keep refridgerated. Freezable for up to 3 months.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values (FARMED) Per 100g
Energy 847kj
Fat 11.2g
Saturates 3.1g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 25.4g
Salt 3g
Typical Values (WILD) Per 100g
Energy 715kj
Fat 7.3g
Saturates 1.1g
Carbohydrates 2.2g
Sugars 0.1g
Protein 24.2g
Salt 3.1g
Typical Values (WILD KING) Per 100g
Energy 540kj
Fat 3.3g
Saturates 1.0g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
Sugars 0.1g
Protein 24.7g
Salt 4g

Royal Fillet is the ultimate gourmet expression of smoked salmon. Just slice and serve straight from the pack, or sear very quickly if you prefer. Enjoy it as you would sashimi, or combine it with other ingredients in a fresh seafood salad. Or top some blinis with a small piece of Royal Fillet and a touch of sour cream for a quick, elegant starter or canape. The flavour is incredible. Salmon at its very best.

In its 2018 Product Awards, Delicious Magazine tasted 1153 food products across every category. Our Royal Fillet came out at Number One – “Editor’s Choice.”

Our Wild River Tweed Royal Fillet, from the most celebrated of salmon fishing rivers, is our most exclusive delicacy. Wild salmon has extra flavour because it has a natural diet and swims freely in the open ocean before returning to its native river. The flavour is gamey and complex, enhanced by just a hint of pure oak smoke. The texture is creamy and melts in the mouth. With just one fisherman now permitted to fish on the River Tweed, we are the only smokehouse in the world that is able to offer this incredible, rare treat.

For wild salmon lovers, our Royal Fillet is now also available with Wild Alaskan King Salmon. Expertly smoked and prepared by our artisans at H. Forman & Son Smokehouse in East London.

Did you know…?

We invented the Royal Fillet over 60 years ago. Sometimes called the Tsar Fillet, as the Tsars of Russia supposedly enjoyed eating it at celebrations – except the last Tsar of Russia died in 1917. Seems a bit fishy to us…