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Small-scale British farmers produce world-class meat. Sadly, supermarkets and butchers rarely see it. Because we prepare dishes for reputable culinary establishments we go direct to farms where animal welfare is a priority. Then direct to you.

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When it comes to purchasing gourmet lamb for delivery, knowing exactly what you’re buying is essential. At Forman & Field, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality lamb meals and cuts, guaranteed to be of the absolute highest quality and taste. Each dish is made to order, and we always source our meat from ethical farmers where animal welfare is a priority, meaning you can be sure you’re getting the very best. 

If you’re looking for some delicious comfort food, our lamb navarin is perfect to cosy up with on chilly winter nights. It features lamb neck, stewed slowly on the bone, carrots, turnips, red wine, garlic, and stock. Delicious. What’s more, we also use overnight couriers, meaning your lamb delivery arrives in tip-top condition, every time.