Kentish Leg of Lamb

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Delivered by: 01/10/2020.

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Kentish Lamb , Garlic, Rosemary , Salted Anchovies (Fish), Hazelnuts (Nuts) Unsalted Butter(Dairy), Seasoning

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7 days, unopened, refrigerated Upto 3 months

Our chefs have really excelled with this.  This succulent lamb’s leg has been partially boned so that carving is a dream, but what’s really special is the taste.  Our chefs have expertly and lovingly prepared this this for you, delicately studded with garlic and rosemary, and a criss-cross finish of salted anchovies.  If you’ve not tried lamb and anchovies you are in for the biggest Easter treat.  They truly are a match made in heaven, so much so we’re not sure we ever want to eat lamb without them again.

It comes with cooking instructions and a meat thermometer so you can cook it to your absolute perfection.  Also included is a roasted hazelnut butter to melt for added sublime.

Enough to feed 8 people, as much of a masterpiece as it is a centerpiece, and we just know this will make a lot of hungry mouths happy with Easter.

Min 2.5kg