Royal Fillet of Smoked Salmon – Forman & Field
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Royal Fillet of Smoked Salmon

Multi Award Winning Forman's Royal Fillet is simply the finest showcase for our London Cure Smoked Salmon. If you like smoked salmon, this takes it to a whole new level.

At Forman & Field, we provide a range of high-quality smoked salmon products including our prized Royal Fillet Smoked Salmon that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Packed full of flavour and oozing with luxuriousness, our royal fillet smoked salmon is a scrumptious treat you’re sure to love.

Looking for a unique dish for your dinner party? Our Gin & Tonic Royal Fillet features a boneless fillet of Grade One Scottish Salmon which is cold-smoked before being infused with juniper and lemon. The dry, zesty notes complement the deep, rich salmon flavours perfectly, and this is a dish you don’t want to miss! Alternatively, our Beetroot Cured Royal Fillet again features a cold-smoked Grade One Scottish Salmon fillet, however, this dish is then given an extra twist with our beetroot cure, which seeps in to create a fabulous colour, without affecting the flavour.