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The Delicatessen

When you're peckish, where do you head? To the deli of course. Ours is packed with homemade scotch eggs, perfect pork pies and loads of veggie options. Bliss.

Our gourmet bakes and pasta are the ideal weeknight (or any night!) comfort meal. Made with only the finest ingredients, this truly is a luxurious selection. All of our dishes are prepared by hand by our expert chefs before being delivered fresh to your door.

Looking for a twist on an old classic? Our Salmon & Dill Lasagne is a treat. We make the gourmet pasta ourselves, blending chopped dill into the dough before rolling out the sheets, whilst the filling is made with Grade One Scottish Salmon and a white wine cream sauce. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a tasty option for vegans, our Vegan Ratatouille is a perfect choice. Aubergine, pepper, and courgette stewed in tomato are covered with sliced courgettes and tomatoes to create this scrumptious classic dish.