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Artisan Beer Selection

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Serve with our Smoked Salmon Jerky.

A mixed selection of craft beers from our favourite brewers… The perfect Gift for Him!

We are excited to welcome Hammerton Brewery to our beer selection!  With over a decades experience, this local London brewery have been creating one-of-a-kind ranges winning multiple awards across the UK.  Amongst the available  brews are Hammerton Panama (a light bodied, tropical extra pale malt Session IPA) , The Crunch ( a rich peanut butter Stout with notes of chocolate, biscuit and roasted grain), Groll (a crisp dry-bodied Pilsner) and Tuned ( a soft hazy Pale with lemon, papaya and grapefruit aromas).

Our other brewers include…

Orbit are a truly exceptional craft brewery, producing traditional and time-honoured European styles of beer, remastered and made right on our doorstep. Inspired by music and made to the highest quality, these beers are some of our house favourites.

Redchurch opened their doors in Shoreditch back in 2011, making them very early innovators in the UK craft beer scene. They produce a fantastic range of beers by combining a scientific and artistic approach to brewing.

Hiver combines the arts of brewing and bee-keeping. They use raw honey from urban beekeepers instead of sugar when producing their beer and, despite the end product not being overly sweet, it has a notable influence on the taste and aroma. Made with entirely British ingredients; everything from the label to the hops is home grown, after our own hearts. A must try for fans of true craft beers.

Fabal is created in its totality from only English ingredients, including Archer hops from Worcestershire, malted barley from the Warminster Malt Loft and pressed barley and glass from Yorkshire. To give this delicate English lager its clean, dry finish, they use pressed English barley to balance out the natural roasted barley sweetness. The end result has an apple blossom nose, a grainy malt body and a refreshing, dry finish. A perfectly crisp lager.