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Wild River Tweed Smoked Salmon

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Genuine Wild River Tweed Salmon (FISH), Rock Salt, Oak Smoke.

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Cooking instructions

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Additional information

Keep refrigerated. Minimum 14 days, unopened Can be frozen for up to 3 months

Nutritional Information

Typical Values (WILD) Per 100g
Energy 715kj
Fat 7.3g
Saturates 1.1g
Carbohydrates 2.2g
Sugars 0.1g
Protein 24.2g
Salt 3.1g

It is what it says, genuine Wild River Tweed salmon; the best you can get.  Prepared by hand in East London as it has been for over a century, as served in the world’s finest dining establishments.

Our River Tweed salmon is the best of the best, from the most celebrated of salmon fishing rivers. With just one fisherman now permitted to fish on the River Tweed, we are the only smokehouse in the world that is able to offer this exquisite delicacy.

Smoked salmon is H. Forman & Son’s speciality.  Wild salmon has extra flavour because it has a natural diet and swims freely in the open ocean before returning to its native river.  The flavour is gamey. The texture is creamy and melts in the mouth with a complex, deep flavour enhanced by just a hint of pure oak smoke.  This is the rare treat that smoked salmon always used to be.  As served by Marco Pierre White, among other leading chefs.

This wild salmon is so fiercely protected – and fishing so restricted – that it is nigh on impossible to acquire stocks, with prices reflecting its rarity. We would urge you to order while you can, as there is a grave danger you will never experience this wonderful delicacy again.

Watch below for a day in the life at our smokery