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Pughs Suckling Pigs


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Suckling pig has become a big favourite at high-end restaurants like St John’s because not only does it taste amazing but there’s an element of theatre about producing the golden, glistening beast from the oven.  Like a Tudor feast.  It’s a great party piece.  The meat is ultra-tender and the thin, sweet crackling is stupendous.  It’s surprisingly easy to cook; we provide detailed instructions but essentially you roast it or barbecue on a spit.

The piglet is around 40-45cm if trussed and fits diagonally into most domestic ovens

We also offer this delicacy with the body boned and rolled but the head left intact – equally impressive and a lot easier to carve.



Suckling Pig

Cooking Instructions

Remove from fridge 30 minutes or so before roasting to allow to come up to room temperature. Rub skin with salt and squeeze half a lemon over the joint. Roast the pig at 180c on a bed of root vegetables and garlic. Depending on the size, cook for approx 25 minutes per kg or until juices run clear.

Shelf life

Keep refrigerated. Min 3 days unopened.


Dispatched frozen, if defrosted in transit we would not advise re-freezing.