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Spatchcock English Label Chicken

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Chicken, Spice Rub [CELERY Salt (Salt, CELERY Seed), Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Paprika]

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Cooking instructions

To cook in the oven: Pre-heat to 180C and cook for 40-45 minutes, baste with juices after 20 minutes. To BBQ: Place the spatchcock place on the barbeque at a high heat and sear for 5-10 minutes (or until nicely coloured) either side. Then move the meat to a less hot area of the barbeque for a further 10 minutes cooking, If there is only one temperature then cover in tin foil to avoid charring. Leave to rest for a few minutes before serving

Additional information

Keep refrigerated. Will last for a minimum of 7 days unopened. Please check label

English Label Chicken (formerly known as Label Anglais Chicken) is truly second to none. The birds have unlimited outdoor space with shaded areas and dust bowls for scratching, and are reared in small groups with free access to large grassy banks where they feed on a plant-based diet free from artificial sugars, supplemented with pea protein and, after seven weeks, apple. The flavour is beyond compare, and the carcasses make wonderful stock.

Our chefs have masterfully spatchcocked the chicken for you, so it’s ready to grill on the BBQ.

About the Supplier:
English Label (formerly Label Anglais) was started in 2001 by Chris Fredericks, a traditional turkey farmer from Essex. His aim was to reproduce a British version of the French Label Rouge chicken, a very high welfare, 80 day reared, corn fed chicken, which, wherever it may have been reared in France, would always have been farmed to the same standards. The small group of farmers that started Label Rouge in 1965 with a shared passion for welfare and quality famously scribbled down the welfare standards on the back of a restaurant menu, a copy of which exists today. These standards are now set in history and adhered to by every Label Rouge producer across France.

Please note this item is sometimes dispatched frozen, and therefore may not be suitable for home freezing. Please check the label upon receipt.

Min. 2.5kg