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Tomahawk Beef

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Grass fed 30 day aged Aberdeen Angus Beef

Cooking instructions

General Cooking Guidelines for the perfect steak. Oven Temperature: 180C. Cooking Time: Rare 11 minutes per 450g/1lb; Medium 14 minutes per 450g/1lb; Well done 16 minutes per 450g/1lb

Additional information

Keep refrigerated 5 days unopened. 900g dispatch frozen, can be frozen if not fully defrosted. 1.2kg dispatched fresh, can be frozen. Can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 781kj
Fat 6.2g
Saturates 2.4g
Carbohydrates 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 30.3g
Salt 0.2g

The ultimate steak, so-named because it resembles a tomahawk axe. It’s cut from the rib and flank, typically from Aberdeen Angus or Hereford cattle, and ours is dry-aged for 30 days to intensify flavours and improve tenderness.

The French-trimmed rib bone is left in which means huge amounts of flavour are released into the meat during cooking. Expect sweet, melt in the mouth deliciousness!

We recommend to serve with Black Truffle Butter and Potato Dauphinoise, alongside Meopham’s Union Red Limited Edition.

Serves: 2 people