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Restaurant Collection Fishcakes

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Smoked Haddock: Smoked Haddock (FISH), Potato, Onion,  Panko Breadcrumbs [Gluten Free Flour, Salt, Yeast, Enzyme, Soy Oil (SOYA)], Parsley,  MILK, Free Range EGGS, Salt &Pepper

Thai Crab Fishcakes: Crab (CRUSTACEANS), Potato, Chilli, Lemon grass, Coriander, Hoisin [Water, Sugar, SOYA Bean Paste, Yeast Extract, Star Anise, Red Chilli, Salt), Panko Breadcrumbs [Gluten Free Flour, Salt, Yeast, Enzyme, Soy Oil (SOYA)], MILK, Free Range EGGS, Salt & Pepper

Lobster & Salmon: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH), Lobster (CRUSTACEANS), Potato, Free Range EGGS, Panko breadcrumbs [Gluten Free Flour, Salt, Yeast, Enzyme, Soy Oil (SOYA)] herbs, MILK, Salt & Pepper

Indonesian King Prawn & Coconut:  Tiger Prawns (CRUSTACEANS), White (FISH), Potato, Coconut Milk, Desiccated Coconut, Parsley ,Coriander, (MILK), Free Range EGGS, Panko Breadcrumbs [Gluten Free Flour, Salt, Yeast, Enzyme, Soy Oil (SOYA)], Salt & Pepper

Salmon, Pea & Chive: Salmon (FISH), Potato ,Garden Peas, Chives, Free Range EGGS, (MILK), Panko Breadcrumbs [Gluten Free Flour, Salt, Yeast, Enzyme, Soy Oil (SOYA)], Salt & Pepper

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Cooking instructions

To reheat: Remove fishcakes from packaging and place on a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated over at 180C for 18 minutes.

To microwave: Remove outer packaging and pierce film lid several times. Heat on full power for 90 seconds

Please be advised that there is variation for each oven, additional cooking time may be required in some cases


Additional information

Keep refrigerated, minimum 7 days unopened. Freezable for up to 3 months

Nutritional Information

Typical Values (LOBSTER & SALMON) Per 100g
Energy 721kj
Fat 7.9g
Saturates 2.2g
Carbohydrates 15.1g
Sugars 1.2g
Protein 9.2g
Salt 1.3g
Typical Values (THAI CRAB) Per 100g
Energy 809kj
Fat 7.2g
Saturates 2.5g
Carbohydrates 22.7g
Sugars 7.5g
Protein 8.2g
Salt 0.9g
Typical Values (SMOKED HADDOCK) Per 100g
Energy 787kj
Fat 9.9g
Saturates 3.1g
Carbohydrates 15.2g
Sugars 1.5g
Protein 9.5g
Salt 0.9g
Typical Values (SALMON, PEA & CHIVE) Per 100g
Energy 517kj
Fat 2.6g
Saturates 0.5g
Carbohydrates 16g
Sugars 1.6g
Protein 9.4g
Salt 0.7g
Typical Values (KING PRAWN & COCONUT) Per 100g
Energy 727kj
Fat 8.1g
Saturates 6.4g
Carbohydrates 10.9g
Sugars 1.4g
Protein 10.9g
Salt 0.5g

“They never let me down, thank you!”

By popular demand, our bestselling fishcakes are now gluten free! They are made in the following varieties:

Lobster & Salmon, Classic Smoked Haddock & Parsley, Spicy Thai Crab and our two new varieties Indonesian King Prawn & Coconut and Salmon, Pea & Chive.

Serve simply with a salad for a light gourmet snack or with our Champagne Cream Sauce to achieve new gastronomic heights.

Please note: We’re making our way through our existing, pre-printed packaging which does unfortunately mention gluten in the ingredients, however we can absolutely promise the fishcakes you receive will be gluten free. Please make sure any recipients are aware of this, we’ll have some new packaging ready soon!