Chargrilled Salmon Fillet – Forman & Field

Chargrilled Salmon Fillet

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Fresh Grade One Scottish Salmon (FISH), Salt, Sugar, Dark Treacle, Soy Sauce (SOYA), Lemongrass, Red Chilli, Coriander

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Cooking instructions

Fully cooked ready to enjoy. Can be warmed through a pre heated oven at 200c for 6 minutes

Please be advised that there is variation for each oven, additional cooking time may be required in some cases

Additional information

Keep refrigerated, minimum 8 days Can be frozen for up to 6 months

If you love food you’ll agree, there’s nothing quite like that barbeque burning on a good piece of meat, fish or veg.  That’s why our chefs have created this stunning centrepiece – our brand new Chargrilled Salmon Fillet – mouth-watering perfection absolutely bursting with flavour.  The salmon has been marinated in dark treacle and soy sauce, with lemongrass, chill and coriander to tease those taste buds.

So why does charred food taste so good?

According to food connoisseurs, the process of burning food creates the Maillard reaction , the series of chemical processes responsible for the golden-brown colour and crust that forms on well-grilled meat.  The caramelising is the result of all of those delicious amino acids and sugars being rearranged, which result in the complex flavours that are oh so appetising to us modern diners!

We’re over the moon with the final result and we hope you will be too, please do let us know your opinions once you’ve tried it!

Min 1kg

Serves 8-10