Hot-Smoked Salmon

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Delivered by: 03/10/2020.

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Pepper Encrusted: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH), Sugar, Salt, Cracked Peppercorns

Maple Glazed: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH), Sugar, Salt, Maple Glaze

Citrus Zest Glazed: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH), Sugar, Salt, Orange and Lemon Zest



Cooking instructions

No need to cook, just serve as they are, cold or warmed through with whatever takes your fancy. Or crumble into kedgeree, omelettes, pasta or salads. Very handy to have in the fridge.


Additional information

Keep refrigerated. Minimum 14 Days, Unopened Up To 3 Months.

Hot-smoking our Grade One salmon in carefully calibrated kilns results in a simply stunning product. Unlike our famous cold-smoked salmon, hot-smoked (a.k.a. ‘kiln-roasted’) salmon has a firmer flake and a smokier flavour.

Similar to a perfectly cooked fillet of salmon. Enjoy cold with salads for a light and healthy meal.

Available in three delicious styles: a slightly sweet maple glaze, a bright and summery citrus-zest glaze, and a subtly fiery pepper crust.

Serves 2-4