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Father’s Day Gift Guide

30th May 2024

As Father’s Day approaches, Forman & Field has developed a wonderful Father’s Day gift guide (if we do say so ourselves) to cater for every dad from the foodies to the non-fiction lovers and even selected amazing gifts you can send him from across the pond (because we know the time zone difference excuse may not work this year.)

Want to browse and choose for yourself? Check out our Father’s Day section on the website which includes a wide selection of hand-picked prepared meals, meats and unique gift sets which we guarantee will make his day!

The Amateur Chef

If you can usually find your Dad in the kitchen whipping up a new creation or worried about a new recipe, these are great gifts to spark his creatives juices

Salt-Baked Seabass Kit with Lemon & Herbs

This wonderful sea-bass kit makes for the perfect meal to kickstart your Dad’s cooking journey and make for a great interactive present !

We supply the whole shebang – a beautiful fresh seabass, enough rock salt to cover it and even the lemon and rosemary. Once baked, simply crack off the salty crust to reveal a perfectly cooked fish. Peel off the skin, drizzle the succulent white flesh with olive oil and enjoy with the whole family.

Forman’s Smoked Salmon Carving Knife

Our Smoked Salmon Carving Knife and Kit features everything a budding chef will need to carve an Untrimmed Side of Smoked Salmon. The wonderful rosewood handle knife featured is used by all our expert carvers and is one of worst-kept to secrets which help us obtain the wonderful taste of Forman’s Smoked Salmon.

Nothing beats the taste of our freshly carved London-Cure smoked salmon (making this a great gift for the whole family) . But carving it yourself requires skill, patience – and the right tools!

The Cocktail Afficionado

Looking for a Father’s Day gift that will really impress the cocktail lover in your life? At Forman & Field, we’ve put our own twist on classic cocktails to create something truly special.

Smoked Water with Ice

Forman’s Pure Smoked Water

This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who has everything, surprise / introduce him to a unique twist on his traditional favourites!

All true cocktail connoisseurs swear by this secret addition and Forman’s pure smoked water is infused with a hint of oak smoke and is used to bring a more flavour to his favourite cocktail or whisky glass. Alternatively, he can add a few drops to a risotto or when poaching fish to add a wonderful flavour, making it the ideal versatile gift he wouldn’t expect.

Bloody Mary Box

The ultimate brunch staple, ideal for a Sunday celebration meal with the family.

Here at Forman & Field we love a Bloody Mary, and we know just how it should be prepared, which is why we have launched our Bloody Mary Box. Filled with the best ingredients needed to make a perfectly balanced cocktail, this kit will result in a top-of-the-class Bloody Mary every bloody time. Packaged in a sleek wooden tray, this kit is a fabulous gift for a cocktail lover and a must-have for your next brunch because let’s face it, Dad deserves a drink that’s as sophisticated and fun as he is.

The BBQ Master

With sunnier days on the horizon, every true BBQ dad will not be passing up the opportunity to dust off their spatulas for Father’s Day weekend, so why not provide him with the perfect showstopper to inaugurate his grill for the season?

Tomahawk Beef

Why not gift him the perfect steak?

The ultimate steak, so-named because it resembles a tomahawk axe. It’s cut from the rib and flank, typically from Aberdeen Angus or Hereford cattle, and ours is dry-aged for 30 days to intensify flavours and improve tenderness.

The French-trimmed rib bone is left in which means huge amounts of flavour are released into the meat during cooking. Expect sweet, melt in the mouth deliciousness! Perfect for grilling up a delicious and impressive meal.

Salmon & Scallop Kebabs

Salmon and Scallop Kebabs in Sun-Blush Tomato Olive Oil

The perfect unique present for a BBQ lover this Father’s Day.

Our Rosemary skewers use Roeless King scallops, Grade One Scottish salmon and baby onions which are then marinated in sun-blush tomato olive oil. Ridiculously easy to cook , utterly delicious and extremely addictive – he can thank (or blame) us later.

The Laid Back Dad

For the Dad who would just like nothing but some peace and quiet this Father’s Day, we have just the thing he will be looking for …

Bar Snacks Gift Box

Bring the pub home this Father’s Day, this Bar Snacks bundle is ideal for a dad looking to enjoy a lazy Sunday in the sunshine.

This ultimate Bar Snacks Gift Box includes a mixed selection of artisan beers from our favourite brewers. These fantastic beers are just the ticket to wash down an award-winning traditional Pork Pie with a side of our homemade Piccalilli. And let’s not forget the super snacks! Our salty Smoked Salmon Jerky pairs perfectly with a cold pint, whilst Serious Pig’s Snacking Cheese is ever so moreish – A Dad Favourite.

Artisans Of London Crate

The ideal all rounder gift for Father’s Day.

Our artisans of London crate feature a range of innovative products created by local artisans in our area. Not only do we feature Forman staples such as our Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding and our infamous Salmon Pate but we spotlight incredible breweries and feature unique snacks that come together to make the perfect gift for a Dad who has everything!

The Seafood Lover

Treat your Dad to a delicious seafood feast without the hassle of going out to a restaurant with fresh, high-quality fish delivered to his doorstep.

The Fishy Favourites Bundle

Created to appeal to a true seafood lover, this bundle contains all of the classic delicacies we have been specialising in for over 115 years!

This fabulous package contains the very best seafood possible, featuring some of Forman specialities such has our London cure Smoked Salmon, Tuna, Fresh Scottish Salmon and Tiger Prawns. This bundle makes for the perfect Father’s day meal which can be enjoyed by the whole family

Whether he prefers a traditional smoked salmon platter or a more adventurous seafood feast, this bundle has something for every seafood enthusiast.

Small Tip- if your Father is more Salmon inclined, check out our Salmon Lover’s Crate which includes a wide selection of incredible Salmon products

Gift Packed Side of Smoked Salmon

Hand-Sliced Side of Smoked Salmon Gift-Pack

The Forman’s Smoked Salmon pack has been popular year after year and is a standout in it’s own right.

Our freshly caught salmon is carefully smoked over a few days, infusing it with a delicious oaky flavour. This process transforms it into a melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that’s guaranteed to impress even the most discerning seafood lovers. Our experts hand carve each side, making it ready to serve right out of the packaging.

Presented in a stylish pack, this gourmet gift is sure to make Father’s Day special.

From across the Pond

Even if you can’t be there in person, you can still show your love and appreciation for your long-distance Dad with these thoughtful gift ideas.

The Ultimate Care Package

The best runner up to a physical hug

Our Ultimate Care Package is a specially curated selection of some of our bestselling Forman & Field goodies, a popular gift for every occasion. Packed full of our favourite comfort foods, from pâté to sausages, burgers to banana bread – there’s something for every occasion in this treasure chest of treats.

Is he not ready to enjoy everything at once? All the food in this care package can be frozen, except for the pâté, which will last in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Thank You Box For Him

Our Thank you box for Him is the perfect all-rounder gift for Dad’s who enjoy the traditional pleasures in the life.

There’s a restrained, no-nonsense beauty about this handsome wooden gift box containing Somerset Cider Brandy, Royal Fillet, a waxed ‘bomb’ of mature Lancashire cheese, Spiced Apricot Compote (lovely with the cheese), Black Truffle Ketchup and artisan chocolates. Once the contents have been consumed, the box can be used for correspondence, ties, tools, shoe polish, long distance letters …

We hope you have found the perfect gift, if you would like any further help, our team are always on hand to help with personalised recommendations…. Get in touch now