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Bolney Rosso Vermouth

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Made by Bolney English Winery Estate in West Sussex, this was their first Sussex Rosso Vermouth.  An award-winning English red has rich, delicious sloe and blackcurrant fruit flavours with caramel, eucalyptus noted and wormwood, and faint rose and elderflower blossom.  The taste is a slightly sweet, rich red wine with subtle herbal and spicy tones.

The estate had an abundance of sloes and elderberries growing in the hedgerows each year which were not eaten by birds and went to waste, so they decided to use them in their Vermouth.

Awarded gold medal at the 2022 World Vermouth Awards.

Makes a wonderful Negroni or ideal as a long drink served with tonic. Serve with our Charcuterie Selection and selection of artisan cheeses.