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Artisan du Chocolat Voyage de Chocolats

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Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cream (MILK), Invert Sugar Syrup, Dried Whole MILK, Butterfat (MILK), Sorbitol, Natural Flavours, Food Colours, Cocoa Powder Icing Sugar, Emulsifier [SOYA lecithin]. Depending on assortment may contain NUTS (ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, PECAN, pine nuts, WALNUTS), Fruit (Lychee, Apricot, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Pear, Fig, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Yuzu), Herbs (Thyme, Mint, Tarragon), Spices (Cardamom, Cinnamon, Pepper, Star Anise, Tonka , Ginger, Clove, Nutmeg, Vanilla) Coffee, Tea, Coconut, WHEAT Flour, Honey, Glucose Syrup, Balsamic Vinegar, Sea Salt, Pectin, EGG White, Rice Flour, Citric Acid, Sherbet. Dark Chocolate Min Cocoa 70%. Milk Chocolate Min Cocoa 34%, Min MILK 20%.

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Artisan du Chocolate always comes up with brilliant ideas. Inspired by the glamour of vintage luggage this miniature trunk of chocolates makes a unique gift and an unforgettable end to a dinner party, taking you on a voyage of chocolate discovery with shimmering pearls, salted caramels, signature O’s, classic truffles, coated fruits and exotically scented ganaches. Absolutely stunning.

Sustainably sourced cocoa

Small contains approximately 12x couture, 16x pearls, 9x truffles and varying amounts of  O’s, Chocolate Fruit, Roche & Almonds

Large contains approximately 150 pieces