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Key Information for Father’s Day

23rd May 2024

Who invented Father’s Day and when did it begin? The real story

The tradition of celebrating fathers day can be traced back to 1909 and was invented by a woman named Sonora Louise Smart who was intently listening to a Mother’s Day sermon and realised there was no equal day for the amazing Father’s in our lives. Inspired by her own father, who single-handedly raised their family after her mother’s passing, she created a designated day celebrate his hard work as well as others.

Dodd’s idea quickly gained popularity in the USA and the first Father’s day was celebrated in Washington in 1910 and soon spreading both across America and internationally. So much so, in 1972 both the USA and UK formally acknowledged Father’s Day as a national holiday.

Forman’s Fun Fact – Father’s Day was invented 4 years after H.Forman & Son, almost to the day!

When is Father’s Day this year?

Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of every June which this year will be Sunday the 16th June, 2024

Is Father’s Day the same day in the UK and the USA and what is the significance of the date?

Whilst both countries had Father’s Day celebrated nationwide, the UK originally began celebrating this on the 5th June as this was St. Boniface day (the patron saint of Father’s) but we soon followed the USA’s suit and changed this so that the official Father’s day to be celebrated on every third Sunday in June (if you can’t beat them join them I suppose!)

Why is Father’s Day important?

It’s simple – this day is an opportunity to acknowledge the immense efforts, sacrifices, and love our fathers have shown, offered, or provided with throughout the year. It highlights the essential role of the father figure in our lives, whoever they may be. Sure, finding the perfect gift can be a bit stressful (our gift guide can help with that), but the aim is to bring a smile to dad’s face, no matter what form of dad he is.

Father’s Day is about spending quality time with those special Father figures in our lives – and what is a better way to spend quality time with your Father than enjoying a wonderful meal? Here at Forman & Field we have looked to make this day stress-free by providing a Father’s Day gift and food guide with hand-picked team favourites that we guarantee will be a crowd pleaser.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we would like to shed some light on the history of this memor