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Stellacello – Amaro London

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STELLACELLO is an award winning British liqueur company that takes inspiration from Italian recipes steeped in tradition and family heritage. Founded by artisan alchemist Joe Stella, and established in East London’s Bethnal Green in 2012, the liqueurs have been created through persistent experimentation; combining herbs, fruits and spices to produce something truly unique.

Amaro London combines the beauty of bitter Italian spirits with high quality ingredients, sourced locally from London. The result is a beautifully fresh, spicy, and bitter elixir, with an unmistakable citric twang and a rich, syrupy mouthfeel. Try serving over ice for a fantastic after dinner digestif.

23% ABV

The Londissimo:
A cocktail inspired by the roots of the Stellacello Amaro; London Terroir combined with Italian Heritage. The ‘Americano’ was conceived as American revellers discovered the joys of Italian food and drink, but found some flavours too bitter for their sensitive palates. Espressos were served long with hot water, and Negronis were similarly diluted but with soda water (and no gin!). The Londissimo takes inspiration from this, but pulls it firmly into England’s capital. The flavours of our city found in Amaro London, are matched with Bolney Estate’s English Vermouth, which is the perfect complement to the bitter and herbal flavours of the Amaro.

See the recipe below:

  • Fill a Collins glass to the top with ice
  • Pour over 40ml each of Amaro and Vermouth
  • Top with lemonade until half a finger’s width from the top, then gently stir once with a spoon from bottom to top
  • Garnish with half of a British strawberry
  • Sip and enjoy!