FTV SPECIAL – Smoked Salmon Lean or Fatty 2-Pack (Includes P&P!)

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Grade One Scottish Salmon (FISH), Rock Salt, Oak Smoke

As seen on Forman’s TV! Do you prefer Lean or Fatty?

Lean (or ‘dry’) smoked salmon is taken from the top side of the fillet, nearest the bone. This is the closest part to where we apply the rock salt cure, so it’s slightly saltier and smokier.

Fatty (or ‘oily’) smoked salmon is carved from the part of the flesh closest to the skin. This is where the salmon stores most of its fat, which results in a delicate, fresh flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

If you’re not sure which one you prefer, why not choose one of each so you can taste the unique qualities of each at home and decide for yourself?

NEW: Save 50% on P&P!
These special two-packs of smoked salmon already include P&P, which means you save £5 when purchasing just one of these products on their own. Please note, adding other items will incur our standard P&P fee.