Seldom Seen Farm Goose

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Delivered by: 23/10/2020.

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Goose (MEAT)

Cooking instructions

Preheat oven to 180C. Place the goose in roasting pan and rub salt into the breast. Cook for 20 mins per kilo plus an additional 30 mins for medium rare. If Well done, please cook for 30 mins per kilo plus 30 minutes extra.

Allow the bird to rest by covering in tin foil for 20 minutes. Any juices that escape the bird should be poured into the gravy.

Serve with our Pommes Chateaux and Brussel Sprouts.

Additional information

Keep refrigerated. 5 Days Dispatched frozen outside of Christmas, if defrosted in transit we would not advise re-freezing.

The best free range goose from Rick Stein’s food hero Claire Symington.  These geese graze on grass throughout the summer, are fed home-grown corn and spend most of their lives outdoors on Seldom Seen Farm.

Make sure you roast your potatoes in the fat, which is low in saturates, for the best roasties ever.

Our fresh geese are only available for Christmas. All deliveries made before 18th December (or thereabouts!) will be dispatched frozen. If defrosted on arrival, we do not recommend re-freezing.