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Pughs Yuletide Porchetta


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Ultra tender pork from young free range pigs trimmed, de-boned, stuffed and rolled by hand. This yuletide version is filled with cranberries, apricots and walnuts for a seasonal twist on the classic Italian recipe.

Available for Christmas orders only.

Cooking Instructions

To Roast Preheat the oven to 200’C. Leave the string on the porchetta. Dry the skin thoroughly and rub the skin all over with olive oil and salt. Place the porchetta in a large roasting tin rested on some chopped carrots and onion, but do not cover. Place at top of the oven and roast for approx 20 minutes until the skin crackles. Turn the oven down to 160’C and cook for a further 70 minutes or until cooked through (Time will vary depending on oven). Gravy: Remove the porchetta from the roasting tin and set aside to rest for at least 20 minutes before carving, strain off any fat. Place the tray on the hob, add a glass of whatever wine you are drinking and stir until the wine lifts up any scraps from the bottom of the tray and is reduced to a syrupy consistency. Add a pint of stock and continue to bubble until the liquid is thickened to your preferred consistency. Season to taste and serve.

Shelf life

Keep refrigerated. Max 7 Days, unopened


Dispatched frozen, if defrosted in transit (which is likely) we would not advise re-freezing.