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Redchurch opened their doors in Shoreditch back in 2011, making them very early innovators in the UK craft beer scene. They produce a fantastic range of beers by combining a scientific and artistic approach to brewing.

  • Shoreditch Blonde Ale 4.5% A fresh, easy sipper. Uses saison yeast, which is known to impart delicious fruit flavours and a slightly sour twang. A very drinkable ale.
  • Old Ford Export Stout 7.5% A punchy dark beer, with notes of freshly roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate. Smooth vanilla and caramel with hints of fruit cake and cherry. Creamy mouth feel and a lingering finish.
  • Bethnal Pale Ale 5.5% A modern American style pale ale which boasts tropical fruit aromas produced by a blend of American hops. A citrus zing on the front of the palate followed by tasty passion fruit notes. Medium body with a refreshing bitterness.
  • Paradise Session IPA 3.7% The moderate alcohol content is supported by a strong malt base with added oats for a fuller body. The bouquet is explosive with zesty fresh lime, tropical fruits and citrus making this beer fresh, easy-drinking and complex in equal measure.
  • Great Eastern IPA 7.4% A punchy beer packed full of American hops. Strong orange and citrus fruit flavours coupled with a balanced bitterness. Hints of grapefruit complete the taste sensation.
  • Stratford Pilsner 4% The traditional German malt base provides a sweet biscuity flavour profile, whilst the combination of German and British hops gives this classic pilsner a modern British twist. Clean, crisp and refreshing.
  • Mixed case – If you can’t decide, why not opt for a mixed case, which include two of each of these fantastic beers?