“Arguably the finest
smoked salmon in
the world”

Redchurch Beers


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Redchurch opened their doors in Shoreditch back in 2011, making them very early innovators in the UK craft beer scene. They produce a fantastic range of beers by combining a scientific and artistic approach to brewing.

Shoreditch – Blonde Ale 4.5% A fresh, easy sipper. Uses saison yeast which is known to impart delicious fruit flavours and an almost sour twang. A very drinkable ale.

Hoxton – Stout 5.0% An attempt to reinvent the traditional stout. A rich nose of toasted bread, coffee and chocolate. A blend of punchy American hops gives a fresh, almost fruity flavour with a pleasant kick of bitterness to finish.

Great Eastern – IPA 7.4% A powerful IPA. The higher ABV gives a hearty punch and real depth of flavour. Strong citrus notes with orange rind coming to the forefront, backed by a solid bitter hop base. We really adore this IPA!

Mixed case – If you can’t decide, why not opt for a mixed case, which include two of each of these fantastic beers?


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