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Mother’s Ruin – Flavoured Gin

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Mother’s Ruin operate out of Walthamstow producing delicious Gins and Liqueurs. They have an obsessive focus on ingredients and all of the fruits used are hand foraged from the same trees year on year, bringing consistency and character that can’t be forged.

Damson Gin (20% ABV) This is fantastic; a true gem. Rich sweetness reminiscent of port is complemented by a subtle almond note. An overwhelmingly juicy profile with a hint of tartness, typical of this wonderful fruit. The Damsons used come from a small set of trees on the slopes of the Lyth Valley in Cumbria.

Serve over ice, with tonic, use as an ingredient in cocktails or why not drizzle over our Cheesecake for a delicious finishing touch.

Perfect for summer cocktails. Try a dash in a glass of fizz, or shake with bourbon and lemon for a delicious Whiskey Sour.