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Mini Craft Beer Club – Siren Exclusive

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Welcome Siren Investor! We hope you like the look of our beer box. There are some special treats just for you and remember you have a 10% discount code to apply to any of our other food products !

Each month you’ll receive:

  • 6 carefully selected craft beers from our favourite brewers
  • A delicious premium snack paired with your beers 
  • Information on the beers and brewers included. 
  • Freebies and merchandise 
  • For Siren customers only a complimentary pack of our Salmon Jerky !

Also, did we mention all postage is included? 🙂

How does it work?

Once you make the wise choice of signing up its all easy. Decide when you or your lucky recipient would like to receive your first package and we will send it out. After that we can continue monthly on the same date, or we can schedule it to your convenience.

Why Sign up?

  • The perfect treat, on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, but why just once? With our subscriptions you can create a lasting gift that keeps on giving, because great things last.
  • A journey of discovery. We use all of our knowledge and expertise to bring you the very best of British food and drink. With this you will sample a range of beers, trying styles and bottlings you may not have heard of otherwise. All from the convenience of your home…
  • Free Delivery and some special perks. When you sign up for one of our amazing memberships we cover the delivery. You also become a part of a select group who will receive exclusive access to some special events and occasions. With Forman & Field, we take care of our own.


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