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Hiver combines the arts of Brewing and Bee keeping. They use raw honey from urban beekeepers as the sugar when producing their beer, and despite the end product not being overly sweet, it has an amazing influence on the taste and aroma. They use only British ingredients and suppliers, so everything from the label to the hops is home grown, after our own hearts.

These beers pair amazingly with food and are just all round winners!

Available in packs of 6 or 12, separately or in a mixed case to try them all !

The Honey Blonde 4.5% – An amazingly bright beer, with a floral nose reminiscent of Acacia Honey. Robust flavour with a great balance of hops and a light fruitiness. Pairs with with Chicken, Charcuterie and salty cheeses.

The Honey Ale 4.5% – Warm, malty and rich, this beer is like the perfect version of a classic brown ale.  Late season Blossom and Heather Honeys complement and add depth to the darker roasted malts used. Pair with rich meats like pork or darker flavours like fruit loaf or rye bread.

Fabal Lager 4% – The first Lager to be produced out of entirely British ingredients. This is ridiculously crisp and clean backed up by a rich and subtle profile of minerality and cereal sweetness. Pair with Asparagus, Shellfish or Thai Green Curry.

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