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Burrow Hill Bottle Fermented Sparkling Dry Cider 8% abv (75cl)

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For hundreds of years cider has been made at Burrow Hill. Every year the harvest starts when the first of our 40 varieties of apples start to fall. The art and the craft of cider making is blending these apples. At Burrow Hill this is the responsibility of cider makers Julian Temperley and Tim Stoddart who between them have 60 years of experience.

At Burrow hill we also make two single variety bottle fermented ciders. This cider undergoes a secondary fermentation within the bottle in order to gain tiny bubbles. It then matured for one year in the cellars before the yeast is removed and it is ready to drink.

The Kingston Black is made from Kingston Black apples. Using a traditional champenoise method the cider is matured in the bottle. The result is an elegant dry cider with tiny bubbles.

  • Very dry, complex cider with a sharp fruit finish.
  • Jilly Goolden on BBC Food & Drink described the Kingston Black as one of the best, if not the best, English Ciders. “This has got muscles, this has got brawn, this has got a hairy chest. I think it’s gorgeous,” she said.
  • Overall Champion at the Hereford International Cider and Perry Show 2014, against 200 other UK ciders

    75cl. 8% abv

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