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Smoked Salmon

Our London Cure Smoked Salmon has been made the same way since 1905. The finest salmon, rock salt, a little oak smoke. Oh, and a lot of love. There's nothing quite like it.

Our gravadlax smoked salmon is the perfect treat. Packed full of flavours of the highest quality so you can be sure you’ll be receiving the very best. What’s more, all of our smoked salmon is hand-packaged by our team of experts before being freshly delivered to your door.

Looking for a classic dish that is anything but dull? Our Classic Dill Gravadlax is the classic Swedish cure with our own special twist, made with fresh dill, orange, and a hint of star anise. Choose from a hand-sliced pack, or go for a whole D-cut side for a stunning buffet centrepiece. Alternatively, we’re offering a Gravadlax Selection for up to 10 people if you’re looking to please everyone! We use Grade One Scottish Salmon and apply three different cures: Swedish, a classic with dill and star anise; Russian, subtly flavoured with wildly coloured with beetroot; and Japanese wasabi and ginger-infused for those who like Asian flavours. Your guests will be spoiled for choice!