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Classic Yorkshire Puddings

Classic Yorkshire Puddings

Sunday afternoon in the kitchen is nothing to fear. Lloyd’s guide to making perfect Yorkshire pudding is at hand!


  • 50ml Water
  • To grease Beef Dripping
  • To season Salt & Pepper
  • 75g Plain Flour
  • 1 Whole Egg
  • Preparation:

    Make up the batter by sifting 75g of flour into a bowl and making a well in the centre. Break an egg into it and beat, gradually incorporating the flour. Then beat in 75ml milk, 50 ml of water and season. Add a teaspoonful of beef dripping into each recess of your Yorkshire pudding tin and place in a preheated 220’C oven until sizzling hot. Take the tin out and pour the batter in, leaving a gap at the top of each recess. Return to the top of the oven, they will take 20-25 minutes to rise and become golden. Serves 4.