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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here at Forman & Field.
There is also lots of information to be found on our Delivery information page or alongside each product.

If you have any other questions that you cannot find the answers to here then please don't hesitate to call our team on 0208 5252 352 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a minimum order size?
    • No, you can buy as little, or as much, as you like!

  • Where do you deliver?
    • We deliver to the UK, including the Channel Islands, and also to Republic of Ireland. We can provide a quote for delivery to continental Europe or internationally upon request. For the USA, please visit our American site:

  • Who will deliver my parcel?
    • We use UK Mail, our overnight courier service in Mainland UK and usually DHL for Eire, The Channel Islands and overseas.

  • What is the delivery charge?
    • The cost for specialist hand-packing and overnight courier delivery in export-strength boxes is £9.95 for UK mainland.

      Supplement for delivery before midday: £2.50 (orders over £100, no extra charge)
      Supplement for Saturday delivery: £3.00

      N.Ireland, Isle of Man, Scottish Islands, Isles of Scilly: £19.95

      Eire and Channel Islands: These are charged according to the weight and size of package and will be delivered by DHL. Please contact us at the time of placing your order to advise which weight bracket will apply.

      Weight £
      0 - 5 kg 29.95
      5 - 10kg 49.95
      10 - 15kg 69.95
      15 - 20kg 89.95
      20 - 25kg 99.95

      We regret that we cannot guarantee the safe arrival of goods being sent beyond the UK and Ireland.

  • How long does delivery take?
    • It is an overnight delivery - we dispatch your parcel in the evening for delivery the following day. However, we need as much notice on all orders as everything is prepared freshly to order. Whilst delivery is usually 24 hours it can sometimes take longer and this may partially depend on whether it’s something we are making ourselves in our smokehouse or kitchens or sourcing for you from our specialist suppliers. Add the products you'd like to your shopping basket and proceed through the checkout and you will be given the delivery options before paying. Please note that deliveries to the Hebrides or north of Inverness usually take 2 days.

  • When will my order arrive?
    • For many products we accept orders for next day delivery up to 10am. For a very few items however - fresh pies and some meats in particular - you may need to place your order by Friday of one week for delivery the following. To check the next available delivery date, select the products you would like and 'view basket' to see the options.

  • How will my food keep cool enough in transit?
    • All our foods are individually packaged in heavy duty export-strength cardboard boxes insulated with polystyrene. There is bubble pack to keep the goods secure, and ice packs to ensure the goods stay in refrigerated temperatures during transit. We have been doing this successfully for many years now.

  • I live in the middle of nowhere. How will the delivery driver ever find me?
    • Our courier, UK Mail, will locate your property using your postcode as it is registered with Royal Mail or Google Maps. As long as your address comes up on either of these, the driver will have no problem finding where you are.

  • Will the courier 'leave safe' my parcel if I'm not in?
    • It is preferable for you to be in to receive delivery. However, if you fill in the 'special instructions' box on the checkout page with where the courier can leave your parcel, this will be passed on to the driver.

  • Why can't you deliver on a Monday?
    • Other than some Mondays in the Christmas period there is unfortunately no collection by our courier company on Sundays for an overnight delivery.

  • Do you have a shop?
    • We will be opening a shop at our smokehouse at some point soon, please sign up for our email notifications and we'll let you know when it's open. For now most of our products are exclusively available via our catalogue and/or online. Orders can also be collected from our premises in London, however please note that because we are not a shop we do not advise walk ins and can't guarantee being able to fulfill your order unless it is ordered for collection in advance.

  • I live quite close to you. Can I come to collect my food?
    • You can certainly collect your goods from us but you still need to order in advance (please see previous question). Please call us in the office on 0208 5252352 for further details.

  • Are your foods previously frozen?
    • The majority of our foods are fresh, however some of our goods are frozen prior to dispatch so that they remain cold in transit. Check the Product Specifications for the item you're interested in to see if it has been previously frozen. You will also find further storage information here. Please note that while your goods are in fridge temperatures during transit, we do not guarantee that products will remain frozen until delivery.

  • Is it safe for me to (re)freeze my food?
    • Please contact us if you have any queries about food handling. As a general rule of thumb, goods that have not fully defrosted (e.g. meat that may have softened a little but the majority of which still contains ice crystals) are safe to refreeze. However some quality may be lost by defrosting then refreezing foods. The best and safest option is to cook the defrosted food then refreeze it. We do no recommend refreezing any goods containing raw meat or fish that have defrosted completely without cooking first. For goods dispatched fresh such as our smoked salmon, it is fine to freeze this. Please refer to the individual product pages for more infomation on which products can be frozen.

  • I have specific dietary requirements. How can I find out which of your foods are suitable for me?
    • We are in the process of compiling full ingredients for every product we sell, most are already listed on the individual product pages - click onto the product and then the box labelled 'ingredients' alongside the code. You can also contact us for any specific queries.

  • How can you stock foie gras, it is an unethical food?
    • It is true that in the case of unscrupulous providers, foie gras can be inhumane. However, all animal husbandry can be cruel and inhumane if it is not conducted properly – whether it is intensive pig farming, chicken farms where chickens are cooped into a pen the size of a piece of A4 paper and their beaks are clipped, or dairy farms. And, sadly, a lot if not most of the time, intensively reared factory meat is cruel! For premium foie gras such as the one we sell, the goose’s liver is prized only when in top condition. Any animal that is unhealthy, mistreated or under stress would yield a bad product. Therefore, it is essential from a commercial as well as ethical point of view for the geese to receive proper treatment. Our provider has asked us to supply this link to the European Charter regulating the welfare of birds in the industry: