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Perfect Wild Salmon on the Barbecue?

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H. Forman & Son has been sourcing Wild Salmon for over a century! When summer arrives and the new salmon season starts, there is really nothing quite like it. Call us to reserve your wild salmon as soon as possible and we can prepare it precisely to your needs!

Lance Forman’s favourite way to enjoy Wild Salmon in the height of summer is to barbecue it whole, wrapped in newspaper. It’s really simple. And simply delicious! 


To begin with, collect your ingredients..



Fresh Wild Scottish Salmon, Newspaper, String, 2 x Lemons, 2 x Cloves of Garlic, Fresh Herbs, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Olive Oil.


1. Wash the fish in cold running water, then pat dry.

2. Get the BBQ going, let the coals turn white.

3. Stuff the salmon with the lemon and herbs. Season the fish well and drizzle on some olive oil.


Wrap it tightly and watch it grill on the BBQ

4. Lay the fish on your newspaper (about 3 sheets). Wrap the salmon and completely enclose it, use the string to tie securely.

5. Dampen the newspaper by pouring water over the enclosed salmon.

6. Place the salmon on the BBQ, leave it for approx 15 minutes before turning over. Leave another 15 minutes. The newspaper and string should burn away This makes the salmon skin crispy and charred.

7. Nothing left to do but slice into portions, add an extra drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon, and ENJOY!

Find our Barbecue Foods on our website. To order a fresh whole Wild Scottish Salmon, please call 0203 601 5464


Slice portions and enjoy!

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