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Where there’s smoke… there’s salmon

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H. Forman & Son have been smoking salmon in the East End of London since 1905. Inspired by the exceptional quality of the salmon from Scotland, Harry Forman developed a cure to complement this unrivalled flavour and so the delicioulsy mild ‘London Cure’ was born.  A century later we still remain faithful to the principles established by Harry – the freshest salmon, a little salt and just the right amount of oak smoke.  Lance Forman to this day is upholding traditional values and skills that would otherwise have died out long ago.

There are various ways to enjoy our London Cure Smoked Salmon…


Of course you could opt for a New York bagel, but why not stick with the East London theme? Our Boris Bagels are a happy union of two East End traditions; a Brick Lane bagel with lashings of chivey, lemony cream cheese and of course our famous London Cure Smoked Salmon. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, these bagels are one of our most popular products and certainly have a love-love relationship!



A classic starter or canape for a dinner party, and one that is always guaranteed to be a hit with friends. Slices of smoked salmon, dollop of creme fraiche, topped with capers and some dill all served on a hand made buckwheat blini. Doesn’t that sound super?! And do you know what’s even better than all of that… We can give all of this to you in one Salmon Blini Kit Kaboodle ready to be served! Hosting just got a lot easier.



Eggs Benedict is one of the best breakfasts out there, yeah that’s right we said it! English muffin  topped with smoked salmon – or sometimes ham or bacon – a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. If this breakfast isn’t quite your style, you can’t go wrong with some smoked salmon & scrambled eggs! To have on it’s own or on some slices of toast, this breakfast is a great way to start your day.



Sushi lovers in particular will be very keen to try this cut; Royal Fillet. This style of cut is perfect for sashimi, and we use the most succulent part of the fish for this bit. Boneless, juicy, and full on flavour. If a sushi dish isn’t quite your thing, try searing the fillet briskly on the outside to retain the melt-in-your-mouth inner texture. The perfect gourmet meal in 15 seconds.



For over 100 years we had removed the pellicle – or outer crust – of our smoked salmon and used it in paté or fish stock, but someone pointed out it would make a tasty, high protein snack to rival beef jerky or biltong. And you know what… It does! For a tasty, Omega-3 rich protein snack, it’s perfect on its own or in scrambled eggs, salads and pasta. We can guarantee it’s 100% natural and sugar free. Shop HERE.

 Will you try any of these ideas? What’s your favourite way to eat smoked salmon? We want to know!

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August 2016