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Weekend Feasting

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Leave your stressful and busy week behind, and order some gourmet treats from us for the weekend. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to pop in the oven, or something to stun your dinner guests, we’ve got you covered! Bring our dining room into yours, with everything you need for the perfect meals throughout the day.

We’ve come up with a few ideas and created a whole menu for you! Will you try any of these at home?



BeFunky Collage breakfast 2Simple idea – Rinkoffs rolls with smoked salmon butter

Something special – Kiln roasted salmon folded through scrambled eggs, or crumbled into an omelette

Why not try something a little out of the Edwardian Era with this fabulous kipper recipe we found. A twist on classic kedgeree we love the idea of the runny poached egg! Found on BBC GOOD FOOD

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BeFunky Collage lunch 2The ultimate Grab & Go lunch – Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive bagels. Boris sings their praises and 10p from every one purchased goes to the Mayor’s Breakfast fund.

Try our smoked eel as a super easy lunch idea or a dinner party starter.  Warm our Smoked Eel fillets and serve on crushed jersey royal (or baby new) potatoes with capers and a mustard dressing.  (As served in our restaurant)

Time on your hands – try out our recipe for Cashel Blue and Basil risotto. Found on FORMAN & FIELD RECIPES

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BeFunky Collage supperSuper quick and easy are our (pre-cooked) fishcakes. Simply reheat and serve.  With five varieties to choose from you are going to be spoiled for choice – or you could select  a variety pack with all five flavours

A real hearty Shepherds Pie, that’s suitable for vegetarians! We serve this in our restaurant.  Made with creamed leeks and mushrooms tooped with a cheesy mash.  Heart warming stuff and a perfect option for vegetarian guests. The pie comes in a wooden tray ready to bake at home

Whether you choose the one of Hepburn’s four varieties or our very own salmon version, you will be delighted you chose sausages for supper. Team with one of our marvellous mashes for a super easy supper.  The Hepburn’s hot dogs sold out in record time at our recent open day

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BeFunky Collage PARTYFor a brilliant evening (where you actually get to spend the night with your guests rather than slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen) try these dinner party favourites:

Start with our retro classic the crayfish cocktail, followed by beef wellington (available as individual servings or a larger fillet serving 4-6) and finish with our eye-catching syrup sponge pudding served in Tate & Lyle tins.  End the evening with a plate of petit fours, Paddy & Scott’s coffee and a snifter of Somerset Cider brandy

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