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There’s more than just salmon…

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While smoked salmon remains the heart and soul of the business, gourmet tastes change regularly and H. Forman & Son has always been at the forefront of the curing industry, pioneering new styles and delicacies. The same principles of curing – the best fish, artisan skills – are applied to a wide range of products of exceptional quality. The diverse flavours of wild halibut, cod’s roe, tuna, eel and mackerel, for example, are all given a delightful Forman & Son twist. Here are a few examples…

Traditional Dill Gravadlax Our Swedish Cure – a classic with dill and a hint of Star Anise.

Beetroot Gravadlax The Russian Cure.  Subtly flavoured with wildly coloured beetroot.

Gin & Tonic Smoked Salmon Fast becoming a cult classic – infused with Juniper berries. It was also selected by Heston Blumenthal for BA Club Class flights. It’s first class!

Wasabi & Ginger Gravadlax Japanese inspired flavours, something with a bit more of a kick. Available as part of a mixed selection pack on our website.

Smoked Tuna We use the finest Tuna for our carpaccio – sustainably caught of course.

Smoked Cods Roe Not beautiful to look at, but our roe has a lovely gentle flavour and is a firm favourite in all the top London Clubs. Ideal for making your own taramasalata, or just spread on to some buttered toast.

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All of these delicious products can be found on our website, so why not give them a go?

Of course, we don’t blame you if you decide to stick with our famous London Cure Smoked Salmon – it is rather good!

 Are any of these smoked products your favourite? Maybe you’ve never heard of/tried some of these and would like to now!

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August 2016