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The Ultimate Sarnie

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Look at that cheese & tomato sandwich, now back at us. Look back at that cheese & tomato sandwich, now back at us… We know when lunchtime hunger strikes it’s common for us to go for the same old cold sandwich to keep us going during the day, but why should we settle for the same old thing?! We’ve created what we like to call, our Ultimate Sarnie! The time for the cold sandwich is over, and we’ve got just the thing to put in it’s place.



This beast of a sandwich can be found on the Brunch Menu at Formans Restaurant over the weekend from time to time (but don’t worry, it’s to be made a permanent dish soon!) Obviously we don’t need to tell you how to make one of these, but you will need to know what goes into it:

Bacon (crispy rind is a must!)2015-10-2613.03.54BFcrop

Chargrilled breadWholegrain mustard spread on both sides of the bread

Buffalo mozzarella

Wholegrain mustard spread on both sides of the bread






For the best quality bread, buy it fresh from an artisan bakery. As for the bacon, why not try Hepburns Bacon range; It can be difficult to find good bacon, but with Hepburns there’s no issue. Hepburn pigs are born and raised outdoors, with freedom to roam in large paddocks. They grow at a slower, more natural rate, so the pork acquires a greater more succulent pork which packs a lot of flavour!

How good does that look! It’s sure to keep you warm and feeling full for the day, well… at least until dinner time!


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October 2015