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The Masterclass **Gallery**

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The Smokehouse tours, aside from our salmon, is one of your most treasured pieces of this wonderful family business.  We get to meet wonderful people on a bi-monthly basis, and some how Darren always manages to change up the show so that no tour is the same as the last.  Last Friday’s had equal charm.  A small group of equally lovely people, it really is the personal interactions that make this tour our favourite.

But many don’t know about the cherry on the cake, fish de resistance, that is our Masterclass, which can be booked as a supplement to the tour, or on it’s own.  Andy and Jeroen knew though.  Andy and Jeroen had the right idea most certainly.

The Smokehouse tour came to an end, after salmony nibbles in the kitchen and some chatter about salmon and (brag incoming) how mighty fine and almost unbelievable our salmon is, the general population of the tour slowly started to disperse.  But Andy, Jeroen and Jeroen’s friend Paca had better ideas.  Earlier in the week the mind’s eye light bulbs had lit up and all 3 decided to stay and get a lesson with our very own World Record Holder, Darren Matson (if you haven’t seen *the* video you can see it here) , to learn from the very best about how to prepare a side of salmon as opposed to simply hacking away at it with hopes and fails…

Each participant was given a side of salmon, fins, bones, all of the not so pretty stuff, and taught how to create a clean looking, edible side, keeping the wastage to a minimum.  Each went home with a whole side worth of freshly sliced smoked salmon (although the cheeky so and so’s couldn’t resist having a nibble before the class was over, but who could!)  They were great sports, all so dedicated to learning, we manage to capture some great concentration face amidst the smiles!  Jeroen says,  “Thank you Formans.  We had a great tour in the beautiful smokehouse, and the Masterclass afterwards was so much fun too!  Enjoyed it thoroughly.”


We are always so happy to meet salmon fans, or just good foodies!  If you love salmon, or know someone that deserves a little treat, we (and Jeroen and Andy!) would highly recommend coming to see us if you fancy it.  All of the details can be found here


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March 2018