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Surveys show that more and more of us are staying in the UK for our family holiday. At Forman & Field, we think this is wonderful!! We love and support our local producers in the UK, and believe we should be visiting these areas much more than we currently are.

The great thing about a Staycation – whether you’re heading to the coast, a campsite or to a forest retreat – is that you can chuck everything you need in the back of your car and head off in comfort. This includes, of course, some food supplies….



We’ve got some ready-made picnics here that are ideal for taking away. Everything is made fresh in our kitchens before arriving with you in a handy picnic carrier. Job done!! All you have to do is pick the spot, settle down on a blanket and enjoy your gourmet lunch.

New to Forman & Field this year, we’ve introduced Build Your Own Picnics. This means you can hand pick your favourite F&F products to complete your picnic, with the added choice to include utensils or picnic carrier/hamper.

Of course, if picnics aren’t your thing we have lots of products perfect for those lazy lunches in the great outdoors.

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One of the worries when you take food away with you is that you won’t have everything required to make a meal; Pastry? Breadcrumbs? Seasoning? Some things you just don’t need to take with you! That’s why our prepared dishes are perfect to take with you. Just warm them up in the oven if required on the day, and that’s pretty much it. Our Salmon Coulibiac is a perfect example, as well as our Beef Wellington, Fishcakes and Beef Bourguinon.

Less time faffing around with ingredients and cooking times means more time spent with family and friends enjoying that long awaited holiday.

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When you’re travelling between work and home 5 days a week, planning something new or special for dinner can be hard. Let’s face it, who wants to think about a new meal or recipe as soon as they get in the door after a hard day’s work?! That’s why it’s even more important to treat yourself whilst on holiday. Indulge and dive into meals you deserve, and certainly wouldn’t have on a normal weekday evening.

Something like our Lobster Thermidor for instance! Ready prepared for you, all you have to do is finish off in the oven and serve alongside a green salad. Or why not opt for something we know is always a big hit: Smoked Salmon! Sliced, Royal Fillet, in a bagel, you name it we can provide it. Smoked Salmon used to be something of a delicacy, and we know when you want something that’s really going to hit the spot, some Formans Smoked Salmon is always top of the list.

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Are you going on a Staycation this summer? Will you be taking some F&F food on holiday with you? Let us know!

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