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10 surprising secrets you’ll learn on our Smokehouse Tours 

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For the first time ever we’ve opened our doors for public tours at H. Forman & Son headquarters at Fish Island in Hackney Wick, home to our wonderful smokehouse, Forman’s restaurant and Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery. Preparations are underway for April’s tour, so in the meantime we’ve decided to let you into a sneak peek of what to expect….

Our beautiful headquarters


1. As you approach our headquarters, you’ll see that it resembles a darne of salmon and the fishy theme continues inside – a window into our smokehouse will greet you as you come in.

2. You’ll begin with a tour of our on-site smokehouse, where you’ll see our unique salmon smoking and curing methods which have remained faithful to the technique developed by Harry Forman in 1905.

3. Fourth-generation owner Lance Forman will reveal all about H. Forman & Son’s fascinating history which spans over 100 years, from Harry Forman’s discovery of Scottish Salmon to the Olympic Park upheaval and how Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery came to be!



The first smoked salmon you’ll see on the tour

4. Do you know your Smoked Scottish Salmon from the common Norwegian
variety? Lance will let you into the secrets of the smoked salmon trade, including the pitfalls associated with machine filleted fish and why sugar has no place in salmon smoking!

5. There’s a very important step before smoking salmon – curing it with salt. Lance explains how our salmon is hand-sprinkled with salt for up to 24 hours and we’ve even made our own Gin & Tonic cure!

6. What’s your favourite cut of salmon? Do you prefer lean or fatty? We believe we’re the only smokehouse to offer the choice between regular, simply lean or fatty slices and Lance will take you through the way that these preferences can influence your taste for smoked salmon – you’ll be an expert at the end of the tour!


2_curing copy

The famous ‘London Cure’ in action!

7. Our resident Guinness World Record Holder Darren Matson will demonstrate his salmon caving skills on the factory floor for 30 extraordinary minutes. He’ll show you, step-by-step, how to properly cut salmon for smoking as well as his famous smoked salmon carving, which produces melt-in-the-mouth slices.

8. Afterwards (and feeling very hungry) you’ll take a seat in Forman’s, the onsite riverside Restaurant and Bar with incredible views of the Olympic Stadium and a viewing gallery into the smokehouse! It’s here where you’ll enjoy a smoked salmon tasting platter to share – if you haven’t tasted it before you’ll be wonderfully surprised at the authentic flavour of our smoked salmon!

9. It’s at the tasting that you’ll learn how smoking fish was originally intended to preserve flavour rather than produce a smoky, salty flavour – which is why our delicate London Cure is so authentic.


A 21471

Our London Cure smoked salmon blinis

10. Now that you’re a smoked salmon expert all that’s left is for
you to receive a complimentary packet of our London Cure to take away with you.


Tours can be booked here, we look forward to your visit!

When purchasing a smokehouse tour just click collect order instead of delivery (you don’t need to collect the order just turn up on the day).

If you have any further inquiries about the tours please contact

Let us know you’re attending by tweeting us at @FormanandField or tell us on our Facebook page!






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