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From Smoked Salmon to Per-fumé

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Smoked Salmon Perfume

Today we see the exciting launch of Formans latest venture: From Smoked Salmon to Fragrance:  H. Forman & Son Announce Launch of “Per-fumé” 

LONDON – – World famous smoked salmon producer H. Forman & Son has decided to expand on their artisan methods by producing the world’s most unique perfume.

Forman’s Smoked Salmon & Lemon Zest Per-fumé is set to become the new addition to the Forman Family of Businesses’ luxury product range. It will be sold through their Forman & Field online retailer and is also expected to hit high streets in the next few months.

The idea for the perfume came about after it was discovered that the combination of smoked salmon and lemon zest resulted in a surprisingly pleasant aroma when combined with cardamom.

Lance Forman, owner of Forman, said: “We are delighted to release this unique scent. With our background in preparing items for the luxury market, this is a natural addition and a perfect fit for our artisan gift hampers. With an abundance of grade one salmon at our disposal, all that we’ve needed to source has been a supply of lemons.”

“I shouldn’t really say that the discovery of this scent came about as an accident, but we were actually cooking with amomum pods in our test kitchen when our entire staff remarked that the lightly smoked scent of salmon infused with the cardamom and lemon was just off the scales.”

While Forman’s upscale scent is as unusual as it is alluring, this isn’t the first time that unconventional perfumes have captured the public’s imagination. Just last year, actor Richard E. Grant launched a ‘marijuana-toned’ perfume at London’s Liberty department store.

60ml bottles of Per-fumé are set to retail at £80. Once you’ve tried this surprising combination from the world’s finest purveyors of smoked salmon, you’re sure to be hooked.   Per-fumé will be launched on 1 April.





April 2015