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RECIPE: Poached Fillet of New Season Wild Salmon

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Our Forman & Field chef Matthew Smith (formerly of the Orient Express) has shared with us one of his delicious recipes for Wild Salmon. This dish can also be found in our on-site restaurant:

Poached Fillet of New Season Wild Scottish Salmon with Pan Fried Samphire, and a Champagne & Mussel Sauce

Dish serves 4 people…

 poached wild with samphire & mussels


Fillet of Wild Salmon 160g-180g (skinned and pinned) x 4
Mussels in shell 200g
Fresh Samphire 250g
Shallots (peeled and chopped) x3
Olive Oil 20ml
White Wine 100ml
Champagne 200ml
Fish Stock 250ml
Double Cream 100ml
1/2 a bunch of Dill
Seasoning (salt & pepper)



We start with the mussels, scrape off any barnacles and remove any beards (the little hairs that come out from the shells).

Heat a little oil in a pan and sweat off the shallots, add the mussels and toss. Add a little white wine and keep moving the pan until the shells begin to open. Add a little fish stock and continue to cook until all the mussels have opened. Remove from the heat and keep cooking the stock.

Add the mussel stock to your fish stock and gently bring to the boil. Whilst you do this, season your Wild Salmon fillets with salt and pepper, then once the stock has boiled, place the fillets in and gently simmer. You should poach the salmon like for this for roughly 8 minutes.

You’ll want to remove the cooking liquor, but they should still be a little pink inside, keep them warm.

In a hot pan, add some champagne and reduce slightly, then add some cooking stock and reduce by half. Add the cream, season, and taste. Then add the mussels.

To cook your Samphire, heat a little olive oil in a pan. Add a knob of butter, and then add the Samphire. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 3-4 minutes. The Samphire should still be a nice bright green with a slight crunch to them.



Add the chopped dill to the cream sauce, then add a few mussels out of shell, but keep the rest to garnish.

Place the warm pan fried Samphire on a plate and then place your Wild Salmon fillet on top. Drizzle the cream sauce, then finally garnish with the remaining mussels in their shells.

All that’s left now, is to eat! Enjoy! 🙂  – Matthew Smith, Chef.


See details for our New Season Fresh Wild Scottish Salmon HERE.

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