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Monmouthshire Air Dried Ham & Truffle Balsamic Salad

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And so begins some of the absolutely delicious recipes that we’ve managed to rustle up for the next coming weeks.  This beauty comes courtesy of Truffle Hunter themselves; a simple dish becomes superb with the help of Truffle Hunter’s White Truffle Balsamic Vinegar.  This recipe serves 4 people comfortably as a starter, or an ample main for the discerning salad lover.


Step 1
Peel and slice the red onion into thin rings

Step 2
Tear the Monmouthshire air dried ham into small pieces, approximately 1 or 2 inches square

Step 3
In a large mixing bowl toss the mixed salad leaves, red onion, air dried ham, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

Step 4
Arrange your salad on four individual plates and finish each serve with a generous drizzle of Truffle Hunter White Truffle Balsamic.  Serve immediately.


We are offering a free 100g slice of The Truffle Hunter’s new Double Gloucester Truffle Cheese to any of our lovely customers that decide to add a bit of a truffle shuffle into their kitchen. Order 3 products and you will automatically qualify for a free slice of heaven!


Recipe courtesy of Truffle Hunter






June 2018