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Out of the cold, and into the warm!

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There’s a nip in the air, the rain is starting to come down, and what you really want at this time is some warm comfort food to take the chill off. We’ve had a browse through our products, and picked a few of our dishes that will do just that! Coat off, slippers on, dinner is served…

Beef Bourguinon

A French classic, but with an English twist. Made with Lake District Farm beef, baby onions, button mushrooms and a red wine sauce, this is the good old hearty dish that will fill you up and warm you up! Looking for more? Why not treat yourself to a glass of Bolney Cuvee Noir to go with it. (Or two, we won’t tell anyone!) Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

A 26070

Salmon Coulibiac

 Now, something for the fish lovers, and it’s a good one! A salmon fillet stuffed with wild rice and egg in homemade puff pastry. The fillet is wrapped in a wholemeal crepe, and is perfectly sealed with its own juices, making it beautifully tender. We do all of this for you, so all that’s left is to pop it in the oven for 20 minutes and serve. (A great accompaniment would be mash, veg, and champagne cream sauce)

Salmon Coulibiac

Welsh Rarebit Topping

Here’s the secret about Welsh Rarebit: it’s super easy, and of course, oh so good to eat! Ours is made with a mix of Montgomery’s Cheddar, Worcester Sauce, mustard, and locally brewed Hoxton Stout. The three key steps here are: spread, grill, serve. Yes really! Again we’ve done all of this for you, giving you more time to get comfy and relax.

A 26129

Banana Bread

All we want right now with this rainy weather is some toasted banana bread and a cup of tea (or coffee) to cheer us up. How good does that sound? This is home cooking at its best, made with ripe bananas and no artificial flavouring. Natural, good tasting food.


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