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Our Cherries in Brandy are back!

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Good news! Our popular Cherries in Brandy are back online! No matter how many we make, these jars sell out every year. They come in a handy reusable kilner jar which, we think, adds to their appeal. To celebrate their return we thought we’d share with you our suggestions for using them. (You could just eat them on their own straight out of the jar, but they are a perfect pairing for some desserts!)

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Mrs Forman’s Cheesecake & Cherries in Brandy

One of our best kept secrets at Forman & Field is this cheesecake. Mrs Forman won’t give us the recipe, but what we can tell you is that it includes curd cheese, ginger biscuits, vanilla pods and sour cream. Enticed yet? Well what if you were to pair it with the brandied cherries? Now you’re talking! Just serve as shown.



Vanilla Ice Cream & Cherries in Brandy

You could just go and buy some vanilla ice cream in any old shop, but doesn’t it taste better when it’s homemade? We’ve chosen these 2 recipes to make your very own vanilla ice cream, and we’re even going to give them a go here at Formans!



Nigel Slater’s Classic Vanilla Ice Cream We just love the sound of this; a classic step by step recipe, with the option to add your own twist using different flavours and ingredients. Instead of swirling in some blackcurrants or raspberry purée, why not add some cut up brandied cherries for a little extra kick!





Vanilla Ice Cream by Lee Cox We chose this BBC Food recipe because it doesn’t require the use of an ice cream maker, and the cooking time is just 10 minutes! Dead simple, and looks delicious.





If you’re going to give these recipes a go at home, and don’t fancy our cherries, we’ve got another suggestion for you: ARTISAN CARAMEL SAUCE

Why not drizzle some Artisan Du Chocolat Liquid Salted Caramel Sauce on to your ice cream? Salted Caramel is hot right now, and this sauce is definitely worth shouting about. Even Nigella is partial to this, and we can tell you its utterly delicious!





Will you be giving any of these suggestions a go? Make sure you let us know via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and show us your creations!







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