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There’s no better British tradition than that of the leisurely Sunday Roast

Our Aberdeen Angus Beef is grass fed and aged for 32 days. Beef rib, cooked slightly rare in the middle, cut into generous slabs and served up with yorkshire puds and red wine jus? There’s just nothing that can equal it. Click here and here to see a variety of Aberdeen beef cuts and sizes. Serve with our goose fat roasted pommes chateaux and some pancetta sprouts.

[Aberdeen Angus Scotch Beef Ribs on or off the bone from £39.95 – Steaks for two available for £14.95]

Smoked salmon isn’t the only traditional food of London’s East End!

Jewish families popularised salt beef at the turn of the century and it has become a quintessential bagel topper. Our Salt Beef is made by Northfield Farm, who specialise in humanely reared rare breed meat. All you need to do to prepare this dish is to simmer in water… then pile onto fresh or toasted bagels or rye bread. Don’t  forget the mustard and our homemade pickles.
Bon appetit!

[Northfield Farm Salt Beef £19.95 – Forman’s homemade pickles £7.95]


BeFunky Collage beef

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Pancake Day

Pancake Day has arrived and all round the country we’ll be flipping and serving all kinds of pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Most pancake combos tend to be on the sweeter side; lemon & sugar, chocolate sauce, fruits and cream, etc. But what about those savoury cravings…

Why not try a smoked salmon, cream cheese & chive pancake stack! Simply layer each of the ingredients and tuck in.

[Use our Grade One Hand Sliced Smoked Scottish Salmon from £12.50]

Or how about our Salmon Coulibiac for dinner? We wrap Grade One Scottish salmon fillets stuffed with wild rice and egg in homemade puff pastry. The secret is to seal the fillet and its juices within a fine wholemeal crepe. Thirty minutes in the oven and it’s ready.

[Salmon Coulibiac – Salmon Fillet En Croute Serves 4 £23.95]

Of course, if you are more of a sweet tooth, you can drizzle over some of our dessert sauces like our white chocolate silk, or Artisan Du Chocolat’s salted caramel sauce. 

BeFunky Collage pancake

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Has this helped you plan your next weekend roast? Will you create your own smoked salmon pancake stack?
Let us know!

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