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The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Experience

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Carve a whole rope-hung side, fresh from the Smokehouse, it is easier than you think!

Carving smoked salmon for guests is not only a lovely ritual, it improves the taste. Leaving the fillet intact as long as possible preserves all those wonderful flavours by preventing oxidation. You don’t have to be an expert. Anyone can carve a salmon into fine slices but you will need a carving knife with long, thin blade or, ideally a specialist carving kit.


Rope-hung Smoked Salmon


Here is our step by step guide:

1. Gripping the fin under the collar bone with one hand, cut off the fin and bone and discard.

Step 1







2. From the top down to the tail, trim along both edges of salmon, working around the fin.

Step 2









3. Guide the smoked salmon knife tightly under the rib cage and remove all the bones.

Step 3









4. Trim all the outer layer from the tail to the head.

Step 4







5. Run your fingers along the middle of the fish to feel for the pin bones, remove using tweezers, pulling in the direction they protrude to prevent breakage.

Step 5









6. Slice the salmon laterally using a smooth sawing action from head to tail, ensuring the knife is very sharp for thinner slices.

Step 6









7. Enjoy your sliced smoked salmon!
Alternatively place in Bagels, Paupiettes or on Blini’s for a great dish.

Slice of Smoked Salmon





January 2015