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Shuffle some truffle into your cooking this summer / Buy three get cheese free

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The truffle, in all it’s glory, embodies umami and when you know what you’re doing with it can be a staple to any dish.  It turns an omelette into a breakfast of champions, a home made pasta dish into something restaurant worthy and gravy into a gold lining on a roast dinner plate.  We have SO many recipes that we will be sharing with you over social media over the next few weeks to help make your truffle experience one that you’ll truly wish to continue.

We are offering a free 100g slice of The Truffle Hunter’s new Double Gloucester Truffle Cheese to any of our lovely customers that decide to add a bit of a truffle shuffle into their kitchen. Order 3 products and you will automatically qualify for a free slice of heaven, an absolute must try for any truffle, cheese or outright food lover. We’re saving the official cheese unveiling until the launch of our new catalogue in September so here is your chance to try something just a little bit special before The Jones’ do!

Click on the pictures below for more information about what’s on offer, and keep an eye on our blog and social media for some great recipe ideas over the next couple of weeks.





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